High-Touch coaching to engage your best thinking and help others see the impact you'll provide to their enterprise.


Our Mission

Guiding people along the path toward career fulfillment, by giving them the tools to effectively position themselves in a competitive job market, and the confidence to tell their stories to networks and prospective employers.

Why enlist a coaching service?

You can go online for job search services and tools, which can be very useful to guide you through the creation of professional profiles, resumes and other supportive documents. In fact, Launchpad Career Coaching provides a one-year subscription to Your Career Connects, one of the most comprehensive online services imaginable, with most of our coaching packages. These services are great if candidates are clear on their next career moves, and have done the introspection necessary to create their unique brand in the job market. It is more common, however, for people to be stuck in various stages of the job transition process, and many aren't able to gain clarity on the very first step: what do they want to do? Not knowing isn't something to be afraid of - you can trust that you have LOTS of company!

A talented coach will provide the questions, feedback and many other tools to help you get unstuck in all aspects of the job search. The result will be a clear focus on goals, compelling documents that will differentiate you in the marketplace, and the skills to confidently verbalize your story and value proposition in interviews and network meetings.

We all have a great story, but sometimes struggle to effectively articulate our skills and interests to prospective employers. By drawing on his knowledge, insight, experience and creativity - as well as a good measure of laughter - Howie helped me tell my story and find a position that fit perfectly with my personal ambitions and professional goals.
— Tom E., Minnetonka, MN