You're not alone. In fact, owing to many circumstances many - if not most - employees would like to upgrade their work situation. Maybe the work has gotten boring? Maybe you're not being fairly compensated? Maybe the culture is toxic? Maybe the boss is a jerk? The list of maybes is long, but the point is that disengagement (unhappiness) is rampant. Don't be caught in the quagmire of unfulfilling work!


signs you might be unhappy

  1. You can't wait for the weekend, and dread Sunday nights
  2. You have great ideas, but don't feel like sharing them anymore
  3. The distress at work comes home with you, interfering with your ability to enjoy friends, family and hobbies
  4. Your dog thinks you're no longer fun
  5. Your best days are when the boss is traveling - far away with no cell service
  6. You wonder where the old "you" went
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— Karla H., Minneapolis, MN