Each client has unique skills, aptitudes, and clarity on their goals. Launchpad's services are designed to meet clients where they are, and cater coaching and ancillary products to their specific needs. At the core is our intensive and engaging, one-on-one coaching that will coax the best out of each and every client.


all-inclusive package

By the time you've completed many of the coaching sessions and requisite exercises, you'll be well equipped to successfully identify a target job and navigate your search. The following are the some of the resources you'll be able to enjoy through your Launchpad Career Coaching experience:

  • Up to 10 intensive coaching sessions (45 minutes to 1 hour)
  • Guidance to establish clear goals (what you want to do)
  • A personal profile, the elevator speech that helps answer the question "tell me about yourself"
  • Professional resume
  • Cover letter and email communication counsel
  • Networking strategies
  • Interview practice
  • Assessments as necessary (e.g. to identify strengths)
  • 1-year subscription to Your Career Connects TM online career manager


the "what Do i want?" package

Whether you're new to wanting a job, or have been in the workplace for years, it's not unusual to not know what you want to do. Just ask ten people if they know what they want to do for a living, and eight of them might say "I haven't a clue." This package incorporates the "Uncovery Process", whereby you gain greater insight into your own skills, aptitudes, strengths and desires. Almost everybody benefits from coaching to know themselves better! This package is a subset of the ALL-INCLUSIVE  PACKAGE, and includes:

  • 4 intensive coaching sessions
  • Strengths assessment and exercises to identify your "calling", as needed
  • The clarity to definitively tell other people what you want to do (this makes it SO MUCH EASIER for them to help you connect with opportunities!)


the "who am i?" package

Another key block in the job search and transition process is clearly and concisely telling people who you are (as well as what you want). Sometimes known as the 1-minute elevator speech, this is the market positioning statement that says who you are, what you're good at and how you'll use your talents to deliver value to your next employer. As in all our packages, you'll go through the Uncovery Process and spend the rest of the time working on a compelling document that differentiates you from competitive job applicants. This package is one of the features of the ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE and includes:

  • 4 coaching sessions
  • Writing and refining your Market Positioning Statement, which is used for networking, interviews and public profiles, such as for LinkedIn