Don't Mind the Gap

Sexism, ageism, and racism are some of those exasperating, negative prejudgments job hunters face in the modern, yet not fully-evolved vocational marketplace. Here’s another one to add to the list, one that I believe I’ve made up (try Googling it!): gapism. This is the assumption that a job candidate with a resume showing some time without ordinary employment is in some way flawed or incapable of providing amazing impact to a company’s mission.

Really?! Those two years you took off to raise young kids or care for ailing parents weren’t indicative of a sacrifice in a job trajectory in favor of an amazing expression of compassion? Or the six months spent assuring that sea turtle hatchlings made it safely to the sea, helping assure the ecologic balance of our planet, weren’t spent advocating for a bigger picture outside of your own needs? By the way, has anyone noticed that businesses are restructuring, merging, being sold, and simply shuttering their doors in accelerating numbers? Career transitions, and hence gaps, might just be the new normal.

Unfortunately, there are recruiters, hiring managers, and automated applicant tracking systems that categorically dismiss candidates who, in fact, have the character, skill-sets, and determination to provide precisely the value that companies want. Ironically, the gap could make the developmental difference between being merely adequate and rock star spectacular!

Navigating the world of careers and job search is rife with conventional thinking and antiquated rules that drive candidates crazy. Jumping through hoops, bounding over gaps, and job hunting in the career jungle is easier with a coach from Launchpad. Email or call Howie at, or (612) 747-7171.

The gap is probably not a big deal!

The gap is probably not a big deal!