All Choked Up

Too many times, when it matters most, we lose touch with our natural abilities to perform and simply blow it. Taking a test, speaking in public, and laying a bunt down in the bottom of the ninth to advance the winning run are just a few of the scenarios where people might let themselves – and others – down. And yeah, add the job interview as a common scenario where screwing up really matters.

 One cause of choking is from over-attention to the wrong details (paralysis by analysis), such as when I ask another golfer in my foursome whether they inhale or exhale during their backswing. The results, at least from my perspective, are often hilarious. For the job interviewer, it might mean focusing on the big stakes at hand or how much specific detail to highlight in their answers. And are they wondering whether they got all the spinach off their teeth from a lunchtime salad?

 Another cause of the proverbial screw up is simply improper preparation. Practicing in “game time” situations will help develop some resiliency to the stress that candidates need to perform under. By the time a job prospect gets an interview, typically their qualifications – as depicted on resumes and cover letters – have already passed muster. It’s the ability to communicate under pressure that is being assessed, as well as the fit for the environment and culture of the organization.

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